Mojo Fitness - gym and fitness center in Lutsk

To engage in sports is not only useful but also fashionable! In Lutsk, every fifth attends sports sections, gyms, swimming pools, sports as amateur or at a professional level.

The MOJO HALL complex has everything you need for sports. In the large and stylish MOJO room, there is a hotel, restaurant, karaoke, gym and fitness room. Agree, this is very convenient, because after a tiring workout you can relax in a cozy cafe. Guests of the city stopped at the hotel complex, do not need to look for a gym - MOJO Fitness has everything you need to do sports!

Women usually choose fitness! Due to plastic and well thought out training system, the body receives its share of adrenaline. Regular work and on itself improves a woman not only from the outside, but also internally. After all, the secret of youth and attractiveness lies in self-confidence! Thanks to constant training and self-improvement, the woman becomes more beautiful, elegant, gets a special charm.

Many representatives of the strong sex and the beautiful half of society choose the power load. Push up or "dry" the muscles in a few months. For this you need to go to the gym. 
When choosing a gym, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Convenient location
  • The presence of a professional team of trainers
  • The quality and variety of the training base
  • Available pricing policy
  • Pleasant design and atmosphere

The MOJO team

Undoubtedly, 50% of success in sports depends on the work of the trainer. MOJO employs only the most experienced professionals with many years of experience. 
The team of the gym - trainers with more than 5 years of experience , professional nutritionists and winners of the Championships of Ukraine and the world. Also, MOJO has a professional masseur, nutritionists and therapists.

Natalia Savyuk is a professional trainer with many years of experience, winner of Kyiv Half Marathon, Master of Physical Education. 
Elizabeth Shubko is a certified fitness trainer, aerobics coach, step aerobics, zumba. 
Olga Khalyukova is Ukraine's winner in the category of "fitness bikini", author of individual training techniques, nutritionist, experienced fitness trainer. 
Victoria Kazakova is a multiple champion of Ukraine from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, KMS with powerlifting, personal fitness trainer. 
Romana Bondaruk is a personal trainer-dietician with 6 years of experience, an absolute champion of western Ukraine and a winner of Arnold Classic in the category of fitness bikini. 
Igor Stepanov is a master of sports in weightlifting, a personal trainer, a graduate of an Olympic reserve. 
Maria Gurbanova is a nutritionist, personal trainer with the accreditation of the European Register of Fitness Professionals. 
Taras Kolodiy - MS of Ukraine on kickboxing. a member of the Fitness League of Ukrainian nutritionists and nutritionists, a nutritional consultant with many years of experience. 
Andriy Rudnik is a certified specialist of the elite American system of functional training "EXOS", a certified personal trainer. 
Alexander Savitsky is a kinesiotherapy specialist, a personal trainer. 
Timothy Lyakhovich - winner of WPA powerlifting competitions, personal trainer.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you:

  • Unlimited subscription 620 UAH
  • Day subscription 500 UAH
  • Subscription 12 classes (Tues, Thu, Sat) 420 UAH
  • Subscription for children 370 UAH
  • Subscription student 370 UAH
  • Subscription for weekly 200 UAH
  • One lesson 70 UAH
  • Aerobics (12 classes) 420 hryvnas
  • Aerobics (8 classes) 360 UAH
  • One-time aerobic exercise 70 hryvnas

Why MOJO Fitness? You do not have to throw up the crazy amount of workout that will not bring much benefit. A professional MOJO Fitness team will help you bring your body to the ideal shape for a moderate fee!

The MOJO gym is a spacious and stylish room with the latest high-quality fitness equipment and cardio equipment. 
The sports area occupies an entire floor, so the rooms are large, bright and spacious.

Roman Khorzov, a restaurateur who is well-known in the Volyn region, offered to allocate the maximum area under the sports zone during the design of the building and the placement of the complex's areas, the manager and well-known in the Volyn region. 
Lutsk residents will be able to purchase a subscription. It is much more profitable and stimulating, because the "law of greedy" works - the input is already paid!

The sport hall feature in the MOJO HALL complex is a large number of simulators designed to develop the muscles of all groups of the human body.Thanks to a professional team of trainers, a combination of strength loads and classes in the cardio salon, the results of the training will be simply impressive!

Sports in human life - it's joy and health. The sooner everybody understands that it is only by his efforts that a good, strong and healthy body can be trained, the sooner he will become a truly happy person.

Fitness center and MOJO- style gym are a popular trend for the development of modern Lutsk! Join MOJO's healthy movement, become stronger, more harmonious and more successful with us!

Our contacts

Record in the gym and fitness center in Lutsk at +38 (073) 737 60 60