New gym in the city center.
The hall has the largest number of simulators from the professional manufacturer "Interatletika". All simulators are absolutely new and represent the latest line of "Interactive X LINE R". A characteristic feature - a large number of narrow-profile simulators, which allows you to pump each muscle separately.
The hall also provides a large cardio zone and an area of ​​stretching and static loads.
The team of the gym - professional coaches as winners of the World Championships in their directions, as well as nutritionists, therapists, masseurs. In the hall you can pass not only a fitness course, but also a rehabilitation period. There is a separate massage room and staff specialist with 12 years of experience. All coaches have over 5 years of experience and a resume with excellent customer results.
Due to the presence of a round-the-clock restaurant in the complex, gymnasium clients can follow their meals through a special Fitness menu (low calorie, gluten free, nutritious and delicious), which was developed personally with Andrei Khomitsky (personal trainer Nastya Kamensky, Potap, Glory ("The Nebels"), Miss Ukraine Anne Andres, Santi Dimopoulos).
And the unique design of the interior in the style of "Raf Loft" (rough loft) will make your lessons not only healthy, but also cozy and installable.


Unlimited subscription 620 UAH
Day subscription 500 UAH
Subscription for 12 classes (Tues, Thu, Sat) 420 UAH
Subscription for children 370 UAH
Subscription student 370 UAH
Subscription is weekly 200 UAH
One lesson 70 UAH
Aerobics (12 classes) 420 UAH
Aerobics (8 classes) 360 UAH
One-time aerobics classes 70 UAH


  • Khomytskyi_PRO team member

    Natalia Savjuk

  • Dance aerobics certified coach

    Elizabeth Shubko

  • Fitness coach

    Olga Khalukova

  • Powerlifting specialist

    Victoria Kazakova

  • Personal coach with EREPS acreditation

    Maria Gurbanova

  • Тренер-дієтолог. Абсолютна чемпіонка західної України та призерка «Arnold Classic» в категорії фітнес-бікіні. Досвід роботи персональним тренером 6 років

    Романа Бондарук

  • Certified nutritionist, kickboxing Master of Sports of Ukraine

    Taras Kolodii

  • Personal coach, Master of Sports in heavy lifting

    Igor Stepanov

  • Personal coach, the winner of WPA contest

    Timofey Liakhovich

  • Personal coach with EREPS acreditation, Kinesiotaping RockTape specialist

    Oleksandr Savytskyi

  • Тренер по ЗФП (загальна фізична підготовка). Сертифікований спеціаліст елітної американської системи функціонального тренінгу «EXOS» . Досвід роботи персональним тренером 4 роки

    Андрій Руднік

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