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By ordering or buying sushi, it would be desirable that they were not only delicious, but also made of the freshest ingredients. Therefore, we want to tell what is happening land, the history of their creation, what are they and why are so popular. Also, let's talk about the benefits of landing in MOJO Family in Lutsk.

We all enjoy this dish, but not everyone knows the history of its occurrence and the creation of soy sauce, without which the dish is not served. Together, we will look at the types and rules of filing. We will also help you to order online roles in Lutsk with the delivery of sushi at the new MOJO Family.

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History of sushi

Few know that sushi appeared about 1300 years ago, and if translated from Japanese, the name of the dish is correctly pronounced "sushi". The expression does not have a clear explanation, but sometimes it is interpreted as "marinated fish" or "wishes of happiness".

Interestingly, at first, sushi was invented not as a complete meal, but in order to preserve fresh fish products. At first, people kept fish together with rice so that it did not spoil for a long time and kept freshness. Then the rice was simply thrown away. After some time, people realized that the process was too costly and started to consume everything together.

A little later, namely in the 17th century, from rice began to make sour sauce, which was added to the top priority product. Sushi, to which we are accustomed now and offer in MOJO, appeared only in the 19th century in the city of Edo, Tokyo. The creator is considered a cook named Jhoey, who drank small rice balls, added a little hasabi and covered it with a piece of fish. He named his creation "nigiri-sushi". To this day, this kind of food is eaten by hands. Although nigiri sushi is more often cooked in Japan, only a few establishments in Ukraine can offer a traditional dish.

By the way, every sushi acquaintance knows that in each season it is necessary to order a special variety, because the taste of fish in different seasons appear differently.

Particular attention deserves the sticks that are used by millions of people across the planet. In order to eat sushi conveniently in the traditional way, they are cooked small and neat. If the institution serves huge pieces - the cook is poorly acquainted with the peculiarity of cooking.

Having tried land in MOJO, you will immediately grasp the true, refined taste of this dish.

The main ingredients of sushi

And now let's take a look at what ingredients are used to prepare sushi:   

  • Rice is the main course of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese are very respectful to him. There are many legends about the appearance of rice in Japan, but it is certain that the first time it was brought from Korea.    
  • In the process of preparing sushi it is important to choose the right variety of rice, carefully observe the rules of preparation and storage. It depends on the taste and properties of the dish.    
  • You can use different seafood, the choice depends on the type of land and seasons. Traditional variants - tuna, eel, salmon. Also in the stuffing are often added eggs and octopuses. In addition, seafood is very good for health
  • Ginger is considered a natural antibiotic. It gives the food a special taste and preserves its freshness.    
  • Usually, the Wasabi is a rotten root, but in our country it is difficult to find it. Most often it gets to us already processed, canned or in the form of a sauce. In many establishments, instead of a true weasbi, we are served a mixture of horseradish, spices and dyes.    
  • Leaves of nori are considered as an additional ingredient. It is compressed, dried algae.    
  • By the way, there is a tradition to feed raw fish without any garnish, only with soy sauce and hasabi.

Where in Lutsk is better to order sushi?

MOJO is a new project by renowned restaurateur Roman Khorzov, who presented the city with more than one successful institutions.

Despite the diversity of species and the high quality of dishes, the price of land is moderate and affordable for every buyer. If to visit the institution there is no strength or desire - this is not a problem, because you can use free delivery of sushi. To do this, just call us, pick sushi, networks or roles, place an order and wait for the courier. For a few minutes - and the most delicious sushi in the city already at you!

MOJO appreciates every client, therefore offers a number of advantages: 

  • A fast, then shipping of sushi;    
  • Ability to personally visit the establishment;    
  • Pleasant prices for all land and roles;    
  • Always delicious and fresh dishes, regardless of season and season;    
  • Friendly institution of the institution;    
  • Ability to relax, have a nice and delicious time in a wonderful atmosphere.    
  • If you do not decide what kind of land to order or you want to try something new - our consultants will gladly help you choose the best dish.

In addition to the set of sushi, each client receives a choice of sauce. Depending on the type of roles, we use teriyaki sauce, monkey, sesame, spice or soy sauce. We recommend that everyone try to determine which one suits you best and fills up gastronomic requests.

It's now possible to have a good rest and a delicious meal in one institution - MOJO Hall, which will give a pleasant emotion to each guest.

You can view the complete illustrated menu of land on the link

Free shipping from MOJO

If you want to spend an evening at home with friends, enjoying delicious sushi - MOJO gives you such an opportunity.

Now you can simply call the restaurant, tell you what you want to order and in a matter of minutes the best sushi in the city will be with you! In addition, MOJO offers the shipping to any part of the city!

Order now and the price and delivery speed and quality will surprise you pleasantly!

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