Lutsk Pizza Delivery

Pizza, cooked traditionally, from the freshest products, in a wood burning stove, and also the best pizza of Lutsk is the dream of every lovers of this legendary dish. Only after reading these lines, the imagination draws an appetizing picture that MOJO's pizzeria brings to life.

Do not waste your time, get ready, and go straight here, or order fast delivery and enjoy! Well, while you are waiting for a courier with a hot cheese dream, or get to our institution - a little bit tell you about pizza - the ingenious invention of mankind, is not it?

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Even in the first century BC, wise ancestors decided not to waste their lives without pizzas and invented it, as the remnants of Mark Apitsy survived.Apparently, he too could not resist this creature of cooking.

In fact, the pizza of that time was considered to be the food of a simple people, while Ferdinand I did not secretly taste it in Naples. After that, he neglected stereotypes and wanted to rejoice with this dish as often as possible. That's how Margarita appeared. Pizza was named in honor of the queen, so that the senor became more lenient and tried this taste. Of course, even she could not resist the fragrant bits of cheese pleasure! The Italians would have made an irreparable mistake if the whole world had not been treated with pizza. Pizza all over the globe added something new and original to its works. And MOJO in Lutsk has picked up all the most successful and tasty ideas!

Therefore, this meal is prepared by experienced masters of their business, led by famous pizzijolo Andriy Zlotko , who can surprise even the inhabitants of Rome with a delicious pizza.

If the reader has not yet played an appetite, then it's time to consider that the masterpiece pizza offers MOJO Family . Surely, even the most intrepid skeptics can not stand.

Why is MOJO pizza on the wood?

The answer is simple - so the most delicious. MOJO always tries to feed the guests with the best and most useful dishes. The advantages of cooking in the furnace on wood are the following things:

  • the quality of the dish - the ingredients are well-baked, without drying up, and do not burn the dough;
  • time frame - on wood pizza is cooked much faster due to high temperature;
  • benefits and flavors - the dish gets a light and pleasant aroma, and the components of the pizza are not roasted, but lightly fumble, which allows you to store more vitamins.

To taste such a sophisticated pizza it's not necessary to go to Italy. You can simply order it at MOJO, or enjoy a meal at the institution with a pleasant atmosphere. Loving couple, a large company of friends, or a happy family with children will feel comfortable here. Babies will find something to entertain themselves in the new children's room, and adults will enjoy a pleasant interior, well-groomed musical accompaniment and high-quality service.

So, order? The hot and fragrant pizza cooked by the best pizzijolo can go from MOJO to any corner of Lutsk. A fast courier will deliver a fragrant peak of flavor to where people want to be healthy and satisfied. And to choose the best offer, where on the site the accessible and clear menu will tell, what the soul desires. If she wants not only pizza - it's great! Delicious cuisine will instantly be on your desk. 

To order a pizza with delivery in Lutsk you can call: +38 (073) 737 60 60 

You can also place an order in the mobile application MOJO Hall, which is available for iOS and Android .